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New York Subway Hate Crime Suspect Arrested and Facing Murder Charges

By Tracey Kagan

December 29, 2012

The tragedy of the September 2011 terror attacks in New York City continue to plague the city’s muslim community as a woman pushed an innocent man off a subway platform and to his death because he looked Muslim. The woman, identified by authorities as Erika Menendez, admitted to committing this tragic hate crime because of her hatred of Muslims stemming from the 9/11 terror attacks. According to Colleen Long of the Associated Press, Erika Menendez was arrested and charged with Murder on December 29, 2012. Ms. Menendez is facing murder charges that could mean 25 years to life in prison. Ms. Menendez will need to hire an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer to fight this serious felony criminal charge.

As Americans we must all remember that one of the most fundamental rights we enjoy in this country is the freedom of religion. This hate crime and murder was horrific in itself but even more tragic when we consider that this man died because of his perceived religious affiliation. We cannot and should not discriminate or persecute all Muslims because of the evil actions of a few.

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