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Teenager Arrested for Illegal Weapon Possession – Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney

By Tracey Kagan

December 29, 2012

The Orlando Police Department arrested an Orlando teenager for possession of an illegal weapon late in the evening on Thursday. December 27, 2012. The teenager, identified as Corey Flowers, forced law enforcement to use a taser to finally subdue him after trying to escape. According to Henry Pierson Curtis of the Orlando Sentinel, Mr. Flowers was caught with a loaded 9mm Kel-tec handgun and a separate bag of .45 caliber bullets. Orlando Police ended up charging Mr. Flores with carrying a concealed weapon as well as resisting arrest without violence.

Mr. Flowers facing weapons charges because at age 18, he was caught possessing a concealed weapon under the the legal age limit of 21. A concealed weapons charge is a serious felony criminal charge punishable by up to 5 years in prison He made matters worse by trying to get away from police and was lucky to only get charged with resisting arrest without violence. Mr. Flowers will need to hire an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney to fight theses criminal charges.

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