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Suspect in Orange County Murder Transfered to Orange County Jail in Florida

By Tracey Kagan

December 29, 2012

The Orange County Sheriff’s office finally caught up to an Orange County murder suspect after the man was arrested on traffic charges in South Carolina. According to Desiree Stennett of the Orlando Sentinel, the suspect, Nelson Vargas, was transported back to the Orange County Jail and will be charged with first degree-murder and aggravated battery with a fire arm. These criminal charges stem from an incident that happened approximately one month ago in which Mr. Vargas allegedly murdered a man at an Orange County mall. Mr. Vargas has an older brother who is also a suspect in these crimes.

These murder suspects are in a lot of trouble and could be facing life in prison and maybe even the death penalty if convicted of First Degree Murder. Depending on whether or not the weapons used in this crime were legally registered or not, these suspects could also be facing illegal weapons charges. Aggravated battery is also a felony criminal charge in which a conviction could mean serious prison time and heavy fines.

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