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Shooting Near UCF Orlando Campus – Orlando Criminal Defense

By Tracey Kagan

January 7, 2013

On what was supposed to be an exciting first day back to class for college students in Orange County, news of a shooting near the University of Central Florida’s main Orlando campus spoiled the day. According to Orlando Sentinel writer, Susan Jacobson, two Valencia college students, Antwon Ollins and Vincent Cruz, were apparently shot this afternoon. Orange County law enforcement have no leads as to why this shooting occurred or who did the shooting as of yet. Although these students are expected to be ok, it is really sad that the first day back to school will end with serious injuries and a trip to the Orlando Regional Medical Center for these two college students.

While law enforcement is still searching for answers to this horrible incident, it is possible that the two college students may have been victims of either an attempted armed robbery or even an attempted murder. Illegal weapons charges or illegal gun possession charges may also come down from law enforcement as a result of this incident. Armed robbery and weapons charges may be considered serious felony crimes that carry stiff prison sentences and heavy fines.

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