Sexual Battery

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While just an accusation of rape can ruin your reputation, a sexual battery conviction means not only prison but years or a lifetime of registering as a sex offender. Experienced criminal defense representation is a must when your freedom and future hang in the balance.

At the Orlando criminal defense law firm of Tracey G. Kagan, we are a criminal we have represented clients across the state of Florida charged with sexual battery. With more than 20 years of experience, our sexual assault criminal defense lawyers know how to confront the allegations to clear your name or gain leverage for lesser consequences.

Do not give any statements to police before you have talked with an Orlando sexual battery lawyer.

Types of Sexual Battery Charges in Florida – Orlando Crime Attorney

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Orlando sexual battery attorney Tracey Kagan handles all Florida sexual offenses:

  • Sexual battery (rape)
  • Attempted rape
  • Date rape (usually alleging the use of GHB or other drugs)
  • Statutory rape (sex with a minor)
  • Sexual battery on a child
  • Kidnapping (if the victim was moved to a different location)

Penalties for a Florida Sexual Battery Conviction – Orlando Crime Lawyer

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Harsh sentencing guidelines will impose mandatory prison time for a conviction. After your term, sex offender registry and the felony record will dictate where you can live and what employment you can have. You will have to inform local law enforcement and possibly new neighbors every time you move or change jobs.

The public is inclined to believe that anyone charged with rape is guilty. We know that there is often another side to the story — a woman who regrets or denies a consensual encounter, or has a motive to falsely accuse you. We also know that cooperating with police will make your situation worse, not better.

We vigorously challenge the evidence to get sexually battery charges dismissed or reduced, or to put you in a better position for plea negotiations or a trial. We look for any inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s story, any opportunity to contest the physical evidence, any witness or alibi that will help avoid the nightmare of a rape conviction.

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