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Orlando Police Officer Accused of Sexual Battery – Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer

By Tracey Kagan

March 6, 2013

As members of law enforcement, police officers are held to a very high standard and are entrusted with the safety of the public. It really is a shame when a police officer decides to betray this trust and breaks the very laws he or she has sworn to uphold and protect. A police officer in Orlando has been accused of doing just that. According to Channel 6 News in Orlando, an Orlando Police Department officer by the name of Roderick Johnson has been accused of committing sexual batteryon a young woman while she was in police custody. The woman claims that she agreed to to have sex with the officer because she was scared that she would face additional criminal charges.

If the officer is charged and convicted of Sexual Battery, then he could not only lose his job and his pension, but also be sentenced to mandatory prison time. A sexual battery conviction would also mean that the officer might be put on the sex offender registry. Its unclear what will happen with officer Johnson and one would hope that the allegations of sexual battery are false. He has retired from the police department since these allegations surfaced. I would recommend that he contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to find out his legal rights.

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