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Orlando Man Stabbed By Mentally Ill Stepson

By Tracey Kagan

Is your life in danger if you live with someone that is mentally ill? You may be inclined to think so after what took place in Orlando this past weekend. According to the Desiree Stennett of the Orlando Sentinel, 22 year-old Brion James Folsom allegedly stabbed his stepfather, David Smith, in Orlando last Saturday. According to the Police Report, Mr. Folsom is mentally ill and has been forcibly admitted to mental institutions in the past.

Attempted Murder Charges, Battery Charges, Aggravated Battery Charges

Mr. Folsom was arrested and charged with attempted murder, battery on a police officer, and aggravated battery. An attempted murder conviction could mean up to five years in prison while an aggravated battery conviction could mean as many as 15 years in prison. Mr. Folsom could also get up to 5 years in prison for a battery on a law enforcement officer conviction.

Possible Criminal Defense Options

Mr. Folsom is facing serious criminal charges and should seriously consider talking to an experienced criminal defense lawyer about how to navigate the mirky waters he faces ahead. An experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to build a strong criminal defense case based on Mr. Folsom’s history of mental illness.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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