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Orlando Man Arrested For Attempted Murder of a Police Officer

By Tracey Kagan

Sometimes a routine traffic stop can turn into a dangerous situation for a police officer. This was exactly the case in Orlando recently when a police officer was shot while executing what should have been a routine traffic stop. According to WOFL Fox 35 News in Orlando, Michael Hajek, a law enforcement officer in Orlando was allegedly shot on July 23, 2013 by Demtrius Patterson during a traffic stop. Despite being shot, Officer Hajek apparently was still able to place Mr. Patterson under arrest. Officer Hajek survived the shooting despite being shot below his bullet proof vest and Mr. Patterson was eventually charged with “attempted murder of a law enforcement officer” and “possession of a firearm.”

Attempted Murder Of a Law Enforcement Officer

Mr. Patterson will be facing very dire consequences if he is convicted of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. Attempted murder is a serious criminal charge and only gets worse when a member of law enforcement is the victims. Mr. Patterson could potentially face life in prison if he is found guilty of this crime. Mr. Patterson may also have to worry about Florida’s 10-20-Life mandatory sentencing guidelines since a gun caused Officer Hajek’s injuries. Mr. Patterson’s criminal defense case will be more complicated because of the fact that the victim in this case is a member of law enforcement. He may want to consider talking to a criminal defense lawyer that has extensive experience in homicide charges as well as weapons charges.

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