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Orange County Man Accused in Volusia County Armed Robbery – Orlando Crime Lawyer

By Tracey Kagan

November 13, 2012

Its that time of year and crime is on the rise as people look for a little extra cash for the holidays. Unfortunately, some people get a little too creative in how they try to come up with extra money. Recently, an Orlandoman who was a contestant on the hit TV show, “American Idol,” may have tried to supplement his income by committing armed robbery. According to Daytona Beach Police, the man met with two people in the Best Buy parking lot on International Speed in Daytona Beach and pretended he had two computers for sale. The man made arrangements to meet the two people later in the day at a target in the same area and that’s where he showed them a gun. The man allegedly robbed the two people for $750 and is now wanted by law enforcement for possible armed robbery charges.

If police do catch up with this armed robbery suspect, then he could be facing felony criminal charges which might mean some serious jail time. Hopefully the suspect had the proper license to carry a concealed weapon. If not, then he could also be facing weapons charges that might also mean even more jail time. Then again, even is he is licensed to carry a gun, he still risks losing that right upon being convicted of armed robbery.

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