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Juveniles Arrested for Armed Robbery at Walmart in Orlando – Criminal Defense Lawyer

By Tracey Kagan

March 1, 2013

An Orlando shopper literally got more than he bargained for at a local Walmart this past Wednesday. According to Desiree Stennett of the Orlando Sentinel, two suspects, age 15 and 16, robbed the Walmart shopper at gunpoint. The suspects have been arrested by Orlando law enforcement and now face robbery charges as well as possible weapons charges. Luckily, the Walmart shopper did not get hurt during the robbery.

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Since the alleged suspects are under the age 18, they are considered minors in the eyes of the law and are considered juvenile offenders. Juvenile crimes are handled differently then adult criminal offenses. Florida’s juvenile justice system aims to try and rehabilitate juvenile criminal offenders. Still, the juvenile justice system in Florida is very complex and parents of juvenile crime offenders should seriously consider talking to an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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