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If your minor child is arrested for a Florida juvenile criminal charge, then you will need the representation of an experienced Orlando Juvenile Crime Lawyer. The criminal defense attorneys at Tracey G. Kagan, P.A. can give you a free legal consultation in which they can help guide you through the Florida Rules of Juvenile Procedure. Don’t delay, contact our Orlando Criminal Defense Law Firm today!

The purpose of Florida’s juvenile justice system is to protect society more effectively by attempting to rehabilitate, not just punish, minor children who commit crimes. The law and the court system do not deal with juvenile offenders in the same way they deal with adult offenders. Although the juvenile may have broken the law, the major purpose of juvenile court is not to punish but to try to help and guide the offender and his or her parents. For example, one of the most important features of juvenile court is that the offender will not end up with an adult criminal record.

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  • Florida Juvenile Detention Centers
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  • Florida Delinquency Prevention Services

  • If every parent’s nightmare has happened to you and your minor child is arrested for a juvenile crime, then it’s time to call fellow parent and Orlando Juvenile Crime Lawyer Tracey G. Kagan @ (407) 849-9990. Attorney Kagan is an aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer with over 20 years experience.