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Florida Senators Pass Legislation to Make Texting and Driving Illegal

By Tracey Kagan

March 6, 2013

A new law that would make texting and driving illegal in the state of Florida has passed the Florida Senate. The new law still needs to pass the house and get signed by the governor before becoming official. Personally I think this law is long overdue. Texting and driving is a dangerous exercise that takes a driver’s attention away from where it is needed most: The road ahead. A distracted driver can easily become a dangerous driver and a threat to everyone else on Florida highways. Texting and driving can lead to traffic accidents which are a threat to public safety and human life.

The potential consequences that will come to those who continue to text and drive once the law passes, and I believe it will and should, are very minor compared to the danger posed to other drivers and pedestrians. When and if the new texting and driving legislation becomes law, drivers who break the law may face fines, points on their license, and increased insurance rates. Hopefully this will make drivers think twice about texting and driving.

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