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Eleven People Arrested For Drug Charges in Altamonte Springs

By Tracey Kagan

The Altamonte Springs Police Department had a busy couple of days recently making several arrests for an assortment of alleged drug crimes at the Remington Inn & Suites in Altamonte Springs near I-4. According to the Orlando Sentinel a total of 11 people including Waymon Franklin, Antonio Bassa, Miguel Vargas, Michelle Sylvester, Cecilia Rooney, Brett Davis, Kyle Duncan, Shawn Ritchie, Angel Soto, and Ty Decoteau were arrested over the course of several days for over 2 dozen illegal drug charges as well as several other criminal charges. The drug charges included trafficking opiates, multiple counts of the sale of marijuana, multiple counts of possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana under 20 grams, multiple counts of possession of marijuana with intent to sell, multiple counts of possession of paraphernalia, multiple counts of possession of a controlled substance without prescription, the sale of cocaine, and the sale of Xanax. Other criminal charges included multiple counts of possession of a weapon by a convicted felon and violation of probation.

Illegal Drug Charges, Weapons Charges, and Violation of Probation

There are too many alleged drug charges in this particular case to list all of their potential penalties and fines should the prosecutor’s office get convictions on all of them. There are several potential felonies and misdemeanors that may result in extended prison time and a plethora of fines. The possession of a weapon by a convicted felon in Florida is a serious crime as well and a conviction could mean stiff prison time and fines as well. The severity of a violation of probation conviction will depend on the severity of the original crime for which probation was administered. Needless to say, all eleven of these defendants may want to at least consult with an aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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