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Possible Casselberry Salon Shooting, Orlando Homicide Connection – Orlando Criminal Lawyer

By Tracey Kagan

October 23, 2012

The car that was used by the man who shot several people in a Casselberry, Florida hair salon belonged to an Orlando man found dead in his condo this past week. Orlando Law Enforcement is has not released information regarding the Orlando man’s exact cause of death. The man responsible for several murders at the Casselberry hair salon would have faced murder charges had he not taken his own life after the shootings. Orlando authorities have not established any connection between the two men nor have they established any connection with the man killed in Orlando and the victims of the salon shooting. Since the salon shooter may have been romantically involved at one point with one of his victims at the salon, who was also one of the owners of the salon,this may have been some type of domestic conflict.

This horrific tragedy is very shocking and has no doubt caused great pain and suffering to the loved ones of all those that were involved. While details are still evolving, it is clear that this was a senseless act involving the death of several victims, where cooler heads failed to prevail. The man responsible for the salon shootings and possibly the death of an Orlando man, may have faced multiple first degree felony murder charges, which are capital offenses in the state of Florida, had he not taken his own life. A first degree murder conviction may have resulted in a death sentence or life in prison.

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