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Orange County Man Accused in Volusia County Armed Robbery – Orlando Crime Lawyer

November 13, 2012

Its that time of year and crime is on the rise as people look for a little extra cash for the holidays. Unfortunately, some people get a little too creative in how they try to come up with extra money.

Possible Casselberry Salon Shooting, Orlando Homicide Connection – Orlando Criminal Lawyer

October 23, 2012

The car that was used by the man who shot several people in a Casselberry, Florida hair salon belonged to an Orlando man found dead in his condo this past week. Orlando Law Enforcement is has not released information regarding the Orlando man’s exact cause of death

New Orlando Criminal Lawyer Website-Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney

October 13, 2012 Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer, Tracey G. Kagan, has rolled out her brand new, user friendly criminal website in an effort to make it easier for those arrested for criminal charges in Central Florida to contact her criminal defense law firm, Tracey G. Kagan, P.A. With over 20…

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