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Holiday Travel Tips From Tracey Kagan Law

It’s that time of the year again when most people are out on the road for the holidays. Tracey Kagan Law has a few tips for those of you who will be spending most of your holiday getting to and from your loved ones homes.

Don’t follow the crowd. Sometimes the best time to travel is on the holiday itself. Or, if you can take the time, a couple of days before or after the holiday rush. In…

Halloween Safety Tips for Florida Drivers

Halloween is a wonderful holiday, but because of increased foot traffic and that Trick-or-Treater’s are out at night, the potential for automobile related accidents with young pedestrians increases four times on this night according to a CDC (Center for Disease Control) study.
Streets are literally crawling with all sorts of witches, ghosts, goblins, vampires and all other sorts of costumed…

Eleven People Arrested For Drug Charges in Altamonte Springs

By Tracey Kagan

The Altamonte Springs Police Department had a busy couple of days recently making several arrests for an assortment of alleged drug crimes at the Remington Inn & Suites in Altamonte Springs near I-4. According to the Orlando Sentinel a total of 11 people including Waymon Franklin, Antonio Bassa, Miguel Vargas, Michelle Sylvester, Cecilia Rooney, Brett Davis, Kyle Duncan, Shawn…

Orlando Man Arrested For Attempted Murder of a Police Officer

By Tracey Kagan

Sometimes a routine traffic stop can turn into a dangerous situation for a police officer. This was exactly the case in Orlando recently when a police officer was shot while executing what should have been a routine traffic stop. According to WOFL Fox 35 News in Orlando, Michael Hajek, a law enforcement officer in Orlando was allegedly shot on July 23, 2013 by Demtrius…

Road Rage Turns in Aggravated Assault in Volusia County

By Tracey Kagan

I am truly surprised that there aren’t more cases of road rage in Central Florida considering how bad traffic can get on local roadways. A recent case of road rage in Volusia County took a turn for the worse when an elderly man decided to take matters into his own hands. According to Wesh 2 News in Orlando, Herbert Golden, 71 years old, allegedly pulled a loaded gun on a…

6-Year-Old Accompanies Parents for a Burglary in Kissimmee

By Tracey Kagan

I have enjoyed quite a few debates with fellow criminal defense attorneys as to whether or not people with criminal tendencies are born with them or pick them up at some point in life. After reading about this tale of an alleged burglary in Kissimmee, I am inclined to lean more towards the latter. According to Central Florida 13 News, Orlando parents, Paul Sherman and Nafeesa…

Florida Murder Trial Of Hector Martinez Goes To Jury

By Tracey Kagan

Just over year ago, in the wee hours of April 15, 2012, Mr. Hector Martinez was allegedly involved in the gruesome murder of two high school students on the Cady Way Trail in Orlando. According to the Orlando Sentinel, prosecutors in the Hector Martinez Trial are trying to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Martinez was at least partially responsible for the violent…

Orlando Man Stabbed By Mentally Ill Stepson

By Tracey…

Orlando Police Officer Accused of Sexual Battery – Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer

March 6, 2013

As members of law enforcement, police officers are held to a very high standard and are entrusted with the safety of the public.

Man Faces Murder Charges in Melbourne – Orlando Criminal Defense

Mr. Sharp intentionally and willfully killed Ms. Yoresh.

First degree murder is a serious felony charge in Florida and a conviction could potentially lead to the death penalty.

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