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6-Year-Old Accompanies Parents for a Burglary in Kissimmee

By Tracey Kagan

I have enjoyed quite a few debates with fellow criminal defense attorneys as to whether or not people with criminal tendencies are born with them or pick them up at some point in life. After reading about this tale of an alleged burglary in Kissimmee, I am inclined to lean more towards the latter. According to Central Florida 13 News, Orlando parents, Paul Sherman and Nafeesa Robinson may have decided that committing a burglary in Kissimmee was a good way to spend some quality time with their 6 year old child. According to authorities, witnesses allegedly saw the couple burglarizing a car in a Target parking lot in Kissimmee. In addition to their young child, the couple was also alleged to have been found with counterfeit money. This apparently was not this couple’s first foray into committing robbery as law enforcement, after searching the couples’ home, was able to recover several stolen things from recent burglaries in Osceola, Orange, and Lake County.

Burglary Charges in Kissimmee

Mr. Sherman and Ms. Robinson may be convicted of committing burglary if the prosecution in their criminal case can prove that the couple unlawfully broke into someone’s car with the intent of committing a crime. This couple may be in serious trouble because burglary can be considered a felony in some cases and that could mean serious prison time. This may not be a difficult case for the prosecution due to the fact that the couple had articles from previous burglaries in their home. The couple may need the help of an experienced and aggressive burglary lawyer in Kissimmee



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